Expert Counseling

If a student is unable to execute the admission/enrollment for his/her chosen country, DCS will completely assist him/her step by step to successfully complete all the processes. In this service, the student will avail all the required facilities, which includes the entire consultancy service until he/she is enrolled



Complete Application Support

We give special attention to every application whether it is paper-based or online. Inspecting the last applications before sending them out to universities is imperative. The students and counsellors jointly should set aside time and concentrate on checking applications before they are submitted to ensure an error-free and well-presented application. Students draft their own documents, however, it is essential to review the work for improvement.

Career Guidelines & Trainings

The focus of every counsellor at DCS EDUCARE is to ensure that the student is admitted to the best course and institution based on their profile.

We help you prepare answers to questions that universities are probably going to inquire about. These mock interview sessions are directed by specialists who are very much familiar with the type of questions that universities ordinarily ask. Universities regularly visit our offices and meet with students so do regularly visit our website to find out who is visiting. They usually offer spot assessments, sometimes spot offers and usually application fee waivers. Bright students with excellent profiles can use this opportunity to enhance their scholarship prospects. Several DCS  students have secured scholarships because of their profiles and the quality of their applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes,IELTS is mandatory for most universities, but sometimes it may be waived, it depends on your academic background.

  • Copy of all academic certificates. (some universities may ask for your originals to be sent by the issuing authority &  may also ask for translated and notarized copy)
  • Copy of English Language Test Certificate (IELTS/TOFEL/PTE) or Medium of Instruction(MOI) – for some countries
  • Copy of mark sheets/transcripts. (may ask for the same mentioned above)
  • Copy of passport (old-1st 5 pages including renewed page/amendment, new-2 pages or may ask for all pages scanned copy)
  • Reference letter from last academic institute (may ask to send it directly to the university in a sealed envelop)
  • Registration copy/result for Diploma under UOL (if required)
  • Personal statement

Yes, if Visa is refused

1. Know your strengths
2. Know your opportunities
3. Countries that suits you
4. Proper guidelines from the experts
5. Academic planning
6. As we are the authorized representative of 100+ Universities around the Globe – Guaranteed support for offer Letter
7. A-Z support for pre/post visa guidelines

At first, state the primary reasons for choosing the award/course, about the country you choose, i.e. why New Zealand, USA,UK, Canada.


write about the skills, knowledge and positions of responsibility you have obtained through your work and/or education (if paid, any voluntary or domestic) which might be relevant to the award/course, you can mention your academic achievement, can write about your family background in short.


the work experiences and/or personal achievements that have been most important to you and the challenges facing you in your studies, work or personal and professional career development, you can write about how this study/subject area will help you to develop your career.


Write about your strategic future plan and Family ties.

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